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About PANACEA Solutions

Panacea was established by a group of internationally recognized professionals in diverse disciplines to fill essential knowledge voids in diverse sectors that hinder overall productivity of people and organizations.

PANACEA Solutions Higher Education Connect 

Panacea Solutions Higher Education Connect (PSHEC) is a dedicated arm of Panacea Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, registered in Sri Lanka. PSHEC will handle all aspects of education related services; services such as securing and processing admission for students, securing scholarships for students, providing college selection services, providing educational consulting services, providing educational guidance counseling services, providing educational support services, providing educational testing services, facilitating student exchange programs and visa requirements.


  • Importing and exporting of knowledge-based goods and services.
  • Promoting, developing and trading of knowledge-based goods and services.
  • Engaging in reasearch and development of national importance.
  • Disseminating knowledge on diverse sectores sharing the up to date technological developments.

SIEMENS PLM Partner in Sri Lanka


To become the leader in providing sustainable solutions in diverse sectors focusing on national development


“Meaningful and strategic engagement in the public, private and civil society sectors with a multi-disciplinary approach to international development

PANACEA is the ultimate solutions provider to cater to a broad spectrum of requirements in diverse multi-disciplinary knowledge sectors including but not limited to.

  • Science and technology: engineering, manufacturing, energy, architecture, medicine, pharmaceuticals
  • Rights: social sciences, social justice, human rights, cultural rights, law, politics
  • Natural sciences: environmental sciences, natural sciences
  • Money management: economics, accountancy

Board of Directors 

Senior Management 


Panacea solutions is incorporated as a Private Limited Company under the Companies Act No 7 of 2007.
Registration Number: PV121946