Fastest path from SCAN-TO-PRINT

3D Printing (in other words, Additive Manufacturing) is changing the way products are made. New revolutionary machines & technologies have uplifted usage of 3D Printing from a prototyping method to a production method. Manufacturers are making breakthrough products with the help of
3D printing that were impossible to make with traditional methods. Apart from the printing machinery, the related software also plays a key role in realizing these products.

Panacea Solutions provides best-in-class 3D Printing software solutions from SIEMENS which lets you get the maximum use of your 3D Printer. We provide an integrated solution to product design, design optimization, print preparation & printing including following features;

 Scan-to-print with Convergent Modeling™ technology
 Topology Optimization with Generative Design
 Print job setup
 Parts nesting
 Creating support structures
 Printer-specific output

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